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Who we are

About Reveal Turkey

Reveal Turkey’s parent companies have been mainstays of the Istanbul expat community for over a decade. With experience in event organizing, relocation services, and editorial services, tourism was an obvious next step. Drawing on our own experience of working in Turkey, Reveal Turkey’s mission is to make Turkey’s vast territory, history, and culture accessible to independent travelers who are trying to gain a better understanding of the region and its people.

Our videos are proudly independent, unbiased, and based on real-life experiences of people who have been traveling in Turkey and the region for years. We have steered clear of the ‘influencer’-style presentation and personalities and instead concentrated on delivering useful, relevant information with minimal ego. This allows us to keep our videos concise and relevant.

To compliment this, Reveal Turkey also arranges private tours and travel packages around the country using our own knowledge and network to deliver the best experiences at the best value. Our set up is nimble and flexible enough to accommodate a range of budgets, group sizes, lengths, special interests, and locations.

About Settle Turkey

Settle Turkey is a dynamic new relocation services company that helps people move to Turkey by lending our experience in everything from pet passports to company incorporation, as well as help with residence permits and other bureaucracy that threatens to suck the joy out of any international move. Our bilingual staff draw on their own experience of living in the country to integrate our own services with those of our partner companies to cover real estate, medical tourism, and more. If you’re thinking of making the move yourself, have a look at our website for more information.

About Yabangee

Settle Turkey is formed in partnership with Yabangee, an English-language publication and community platform for foreigners living in Turkey. Active since 2012, the platform features over 2,500 articles on all aspects of life here, put together by hundreds of volunteer contributors each having brought their own experiences and guidance to share.